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It’s easy to get seduced by complexity, but there is virtue in simplicity too.
— Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt
                           When only an experienced                                                      Business Mentor will do

                           When only an experienced                                                      Business Mentor will do



As an owner of 3 businesses myself, I have a deep understanding of business systems and processes, what works and what to avoid like the plague!  Backed up by academic qualifications in Business Administration, I take a 'keep it simple' approach to both life and work with sincerity, honesty, and compassion. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client succeed.

Jo Miller   business mentor

Jo Miller 

business mentor



Trained in the UK, my career has been formed around strategic business development.  I started my first business within a year of arriving on the Sunshine Coast in 2003.  I've been privileged to write and lead teams in the development of strategic and policy documents for both Local Government and The University of the Sunshine Coast.

I have a thorough understanding of small business.  Working directly in one for the past 7 years, I have built a very successful small business from the ground up!  Creating systems and processes to make it what it is today, a self running business! Believe me when I say "I've seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly side of small business!"

Whether you’re looking for help on a single project or the development of complete business systems, I can help you increase sales through target marketing, personalised business mentoring, help you unlock the mystery of Facebook, and more.


       imagine         believe         achieve!




                            everyone needs a mentor

                            everyone needs a mentor


Client Reviews

Jo has been totally amazing in helping me to understand the Digital Age in marketing. I have many years experience in my profession, and worked in a small country town in NSW for many of those years. When I came to the Sunshine Coast, I realised the world had moved ahead without me, and I had no idea how to get myself seen. Along came WonderWomanJo. She believes in me and my business. I can’t thank her enough for her care and support.Don’t even hesitate for a moment in giving her a call. You’ll never regret it!!!
— Deni Sevenoaks Maitri Health Essence Acupuncture.
Jo Miller is a true inspiration!! There is nothing this woman can’t do - get her onboard to take your business to the next level.
— Natalee Nancarrow, BizBrokers, Business Sales
Jo helped me set up my business when I didn’t have a clue where to start! She was so supportive and understanding as i didn’t know what I was doing.
Jo is so passionate at what she does you can just see the excitement in her eyes! She will always go the extra mile to help you in anyway she can! Very professional lady and would highly recommend her to anyone.
Thank you jo for everything you have done I really appreciate it! Your a star!
— Savannah Boundford, Hair by Savannah
Jo is amazing!!! If you want to take your business to a new level you have GOT to talk to Jo! Her energy, industry experience and knowledge of global business is second to none.
— Ashton Wood, IC3 Solutions
                  I love nothing more than seeing my clients happy

                  I love nothing more than seeing my clients happy


Mentoring Services

Deeply passionate about small business and keeping things simple, one of my greatest joys is seeing someone else succeed. If you want to be excited about growing your business, call me!

** Packages are Tailored to Individual Needs **

Help is here!

Help is here!


We all hit a wall, become overwhelmed of simply lose motivation at times.  Help is here to reinvigorate the passion you had for your business.  

Together we got this!

To infinity &      beyond!

To infinity &      beyond!

Increasing Sales & Target Marketing

Looking to improve sales and business visibility? Meet for a free no obligation chat to see whether Jo Miller Business Mentor is the right match for your business.

do the things you think you can't do!

do the things you think you can't do!

Business Mentoring

Offering an effective and mutually beneficial alliance that focuses on the needs of the mentee and fosters a caring and supportive relationship.

Mentoring packages can be developed for a day, a week or longer!


Unlock the Mystery's of Facebook

One to one help on all things Facebook, from creating, managing, promoting your business through this economical form of marketing that is Facebook.


Weekly Facebook Post Creation

Just don't have the time to dream up daily Facebook posts to increase your page engagement? Let me create posts that aim to encourage 'clicks' and drive more 'Likes' to your page.


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could I be the mentor for you?

With years of direct experience in small business development and qualifications in strategic business administration, I am able to offer a hands on approach to business mentoring.  Your business is personal, which is why I have tailored my services to be personalised to your needs.

Book your free consultation...what have you got to lose?

Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Everything you want is on the other side of fear


my promise to you

I promise to dedicate my time in supporting you in the development of your business.  I will be as passionate and motivated as you are in achieving the absolute best outcomes possible so you can once again enjoy some time for you!

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I love working with clients who get motivated by my enthusiasm and passion for success. When their success makes them happy, that’s when I know my job is done
— Jo Miller, Business Mentor